Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prateeksha says hello

Hello all! I'm Prateeksha (pra-teek-sha) from San Diego, CA.

I'm less than three weeks old in the DC area (and still trying to figure out where everything is, which reminds me, I should get a GPS navigation system and fast!) but I'm excited to be here. I'm getting to know the city a little bit at a time every day and I'm so charmed by what I see and the people that I have met so far.

Although I’m still in the process of settling in and adjusting to the fact that La Jolla cove is not ten minutes away from home anymore, I can't wait to begin the program, get to know all my classmates and faculty, make new friends, and quite literally, begin a new chapter in beautiful DC.

I'm a worshipper of the written word. My publishing interests lie in the art, editorial, and design side of book/e-book production. I worked in the production/editorial group of an educational publishing company back in CA but now I'm looking for a publishing-related job/internship here in the DC area. I'm trying hard to find something and hope I find it soon!

I feel fortunate to be part of GWU's Publishing program. I had been looking for a publishing program exactly such as this one for a rather long period of time now and never really came across anything that convinced me like it should. Then of course, I came across GWU's Program and I knew… :-)

See you all in class soon!

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