Friday, August 7, 2009


OK. Just a quick introduction. My name is Lindsey Schauer (pronounced "Shower"). I'm originially from southwest Michigan. I moved to Florida for a year after getting my undergrad where I worked as a proofreader. Following that, I moved to Prague (the Czech Republic) to teach English. It was really fantastic, and Prague is still my favorite city. But I realized that teaching wasn't for me and decided to look at getting my master's in publishing back stateside.

So here I am. Now I'm back in Michigan leeching off my parents. I haven't been to D.C. since I was maybe 10 years old, but everyone tells me it's an amazing city. I'm thinking of doing the e-publishing track, even though I'm fairly resistant to e-publishing. It's time to bite the bullet.

I'm somewhere around 60% excited and 40% nervous about starting school again and moving at the moment. Since I know almost no one in D.C., I'm really looking forward to the program and to meeting people in it. See you all in a couple weeks!

Here's an article discussing whether or not Kindle is going to revolutionize publishing or be it's demise.

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  1. Hi Lindsey,

    If you plan on moving in DC rather than VA and need any help with your house hunt, let me know- I'll be commuting from the city, so I know a lot of good areas that are metro accessible.