Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello from Amy

Design. Print. Publish.
Seeks to advance her career.
It is Amy Spears.

Sometimes I like to pull my thoughts together in haiku form. [see above] Given the daunting task of composing a personal introduction to a bunch of soon-to-be-classmates, thoughts were popping through my mind as fast as M.C. Hammer's tweets on Twitter. So to keep your brain from being bogged down by a rambling intro, there are the basics in 17 syllables. If you'd like an entree portion instead of just an appetizer, read on.

Hi there, cohort. I am Amy Spears and will be joining you later this month to embark on this educational journey to the world of publishing. My background is mostly in printing and graphic design, and it is through my current position that I have gotten a peek into the publishing industry. In 2007 I graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Graphic Communications. Since then, I have been working in sales for a commercial printing/graphic design company. I work with non-profits, associations, and corporations to consult them on their printing ventures and ultimately, ahem, make a sale. As so many of my clients have followed the movement to disseminate information on the WWW instead of using ink on paper, it has prompted me to rethink my investment in printing and partner this with more knowledge of the evolving publishing industry. Hello, GWU Publishing! I'm very excited to be here.

And me personally... I grew up in South Carolina, and have lived in DC for the last year and a half. My hobbies are diverse and aplenty and include art, music, reading, and developing a green(ish) thumb.

See you soon!

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  1. Amy, I actually considered the MS in Graphic Communications from Clemson as an alternative to GWU! I can't wait to hear more about that program; it sounds really interesting! See you soon!