Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catherine Abbott

Hello DC! My name is Catherine Abbott, and I am from Knoxville, Tennessee. I love it there (Im still here!), but I am ready for a change. I received my BA from the University of Tennessee in English: Rhetoric and Writing in 2007, although I had quite a trip through the university before landing on that degree. I began my college tenure in Architecture and never fully left that niche. I worked with the College of Architecture + Design for a few years doing graphic editing and website management, and I do not doubt that I will somehow find an outlet to express my interest in architecture through publishing.

Part of me is excited about starting back to school, but part of me is definitely nervous. Nevertheless, I am excited about starting a new chapter of my life in DC. Other than my love for writing and architecture, I spend my time with my books (finishing up the writings of Barbara Kingsolver right now-- anyone read The Poisonwood Bible? I definitely recommend it), any music (I experienced Bonnaroo for the first time this summer-- ever heard of it!?), playing on my computer (teaching myself graphic design and web design), watching bad TV (Lifetime and Bravo... don't judge), experimenting with and enjoying art (all mediums), and playing with my dog, Mims (a Bichon Frise named after Sir Nicolas de Mimsy Porpington from Harry Potter), among many other pastimes.

I will be in DC soon and look forward to meeting all of my fellow classmates! Cheers!

P.S. My profile picture is from my first crawfish boil a few weeks ago. Yay for the South!

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  1. Hey there fellow Tennessean! I'm originally from Chattanooga. Good to keep our Southern roots alive!