Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should Newspapers Die???

As print versus electronic media has been a continuous topic during our class discussions, I thought I’d share with you this article I came across on Newsweek Blogs. The article is entitled Don't Bail Out Newspapers--Let Them Die and Get Out of the Way. The author is strongly against any type of bailout that would be of assistance to the newspapers by giving tax breaks if they become non profits. He expresses his desire for newspapers to be discontinued altogether because they are old forms of media and not thriving compared to Internet news sources. He stated “Fact is, I only care about a tiny percentage of what those papers publish, and I can read them on my computer or my iPhone. And I can rely on blogs and Twitter to steer me to articles worth reading.”

So, take a look at the article and share your thoughts.


  1. Wow. He is anti-everything! While I don't read the newspaper EVERYDAY like a good proper American should... I certainly cling to the idea that print is not dead. Newspapers have made advances to keep readership, like smaller editions (Express being a major one), or special sections, therefore I do not think newspapers have no hope.

  2. LOL. Yes, he did appear to be anti-everything.

    I agree, I do not believe that print is dead either. While it has been on the decline, I do not think that it will ever be totally obsolete.