Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google book debate back to the drawing board

AP article

NEW YORK – Lawyers on both sides are poised to continue their court battle over Google Inc.'s effort to get digital rights to millions of out-of-print books.
A hearing is set for Wednesday in Manhattan federal court.
Judge Denny Chin plans to set a schedule to define how the debate will proceed.
A $125 million agreement between Google and U.S. authors and publishers is being renegotiated. The parties agreed to return to the drawing board after the U.S. government said it seemed the agreement would violate antitrust laws.
Justice Department officials will be part of the new negotiations.

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  1. For whatever silly reason (likely boredom), I looked up Denny Chin on wikipedia yesterday. Apparently, he's the second judge to preside over this case. The first one kicked the bucket. Perhaps the stress of the Google Book Settlement did him in?