Thursday, March 11, 2010

Extending the Book: The Art of Extra-Illustration at the Folger Shakespeare Library

I honestly can't remember if a link has gone out to this yet or not (and if it has, please accept my apologies for the repeat), but FYI there's an exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library through May 25 that looks at "Grangerizing," a practice from a few centuries ago where book enthusiasts added supplementary materials to known texts to make their own editions (which sounds to me a bit like the idea brought up a few times in our classes where this sort of thing can be done digitally now, through linking and wikis and the like -- and nowadays we don't have to pillage other books to create the new compiled editions).

Admission is free; more details can be found at the Washington Post's web site or at the Folger Library site here.

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