Monday, September 28, 2009


Don't know how many of you are aware of National Novel Writing Month, which takes place every November under the guise of NaMoWriMo.

The goal is to write a 175 page novel (50,000 words) in just one month! I've signed up for about 4 years now, only actually starting once (it's a lot harder than at first glance, and well, life gets in the way sometimes). Despite my years of failure, it's pretty fun to talk yourself into, and the website is full of all kinds of encouraging things -including trying to tackle other insane writing and editing challenges, and what to do after you've written this amazing novel (Hmmm! Get it published any way you can! Tips and scares included here).

Even if you never want to write a novel or script or whatever, it's a great idea that encourages the creative process- something I'm a fan of. Here, check it out: NaMoWriMo.


  1. Yo. I was thinking of trying it this year. My best friend always does it, and always fails. We'll see if I actually sign up.

  2. I wanna do it! I have a great idea for my book proposal though and it won't exactly fit into this standard. Hmmm....