Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Future for Books

IDEO has created three new kinds of Kindle/iPad/Sony Readers that manage to combine social media with the reading experience. It's an interesting twist on the future of reading.

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  1. The "Alice" future, in which performing various activities unlocks other information such as extra chapters or text messages from characters etc., reminds me of activity books for children such as Art Fraud Detective.

    I don't think "Alice" is the future of books any more than activity books are the reading goal for children. Activity books for children are designed to be fun and to teach reading comprehension and other skills. Books using the "Alice" template can be much the same for adults. I see it taking the place of more game-type activities, for example, Sudoku, rather than reading.

    Or it can add depth or realism to history books or books about a particular place or locale.

    BTW, I was amused and more than a little in agreement with Jacob Covey's comment on the original Casual Optimist post.